Chaz Bono-Contestant on Dancing with the Stars – Stands in His Own Truth

This blog is about transformation.  I’ve been writing about standing in my truth.  Today I write about Chaz Bono as he has transformed his life to stand in his true.  

I enjoy watching Dancing with the Stars.   I don’t always have the time to watch but it is one of those reality shows I enjoy.  I look forward each season to see who are the season’s stars knowing I would not be disappointed.  I believe ABC does an outstanding job making their choices even though I am sure many of their choices are for rating.  ABC is a business after all!

I was not disappointed by the announcement of this season’s starts!  In fact, I thought it rather cool that Nancy Grace, Carson Kressley and Chaz Bono are part of DWTS.  No doubt it will be an entertaining season!!  Certainly, I felt, other lovers of the show would feel the same.  I was wrong.

“I am disgusted that you would have Chaz Bono” on there a potential viewer said as reported on Hollywood  The viewer continues, “I hope your ratings sink as much as you have sunk by having Chaz Bono on there.” 

I reacted strongly to that statement.  Such Judgment of an experience we know nothing of because we do not stand in his shoes. 

If you judge people, you have no time to love them.
Mother Teresa

Chaz Bono has taken a second chance in life.  He was born female and has never felt female.  He came to understand that although he had physical female characteristics, he really was a man.  With courage that most do not possess he made a choice to stand in his truth to give himself a second chance to have the experience in this lifetime he believed was his.  Rather than embrace him and love him, I hear hostile judgment against him.

“If God wanted him to be male, he would have created him male”, is one comment I hear.  Perhaps God did create him male and he has now come to know and accept that in himself.  It isn’t the physical body that defines our soul.  It is our soul that defines who we are.  The soul outlives the body.  Perhaps his life mission is to help teach us about acceptance, love, tolerance.   We do not walk in Chaz’s shoes.  We do not understand his experience from his shoes.  How, then, can we judge him that he is wrong or has committed a sin.  Just as we judge, so we will be judged.

Embracing our second chances in life often  times require great courage.  Second Chances don’t always arise from mistakes we have made, but can arise to fulfill what we believe is our life purpose.   For some it is very public like with Chaz or even with my spiritual partner, Chuck Gallagher.  Chuck is the author of Second Chances and stepped into his truth to tell his story of making wrong choices that resulted in a prison sentence.  Chuck came to understand that the choices he made that led him to prison didn’t define him.  He since has chosen a different direction and is living his life fully.   Being female, to Chaz, was like being in prison.  He stepped into his freedom by standing in his truth.

I applaud Chaz for his courage to not only give himself a second chance in life, but also for his decision to appear on DWTS subjecting himself to judgment, hostility, ridicule.  While I am sure it hurts him, his self-acceptance and self-love far outweighs anything anyone can hurl again.  Through standing in his truth and embracing his second chance, Chaz Bono has come home to himself.

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