Transcending – Living Beyond the Past – Reflections through Poetry

There are so many directions I can go in tonight and not able to get truly connected with one direction.  I had written this poem quite a while back as I worked through the bondage of the effects of abuse in my life.   Transcending is to rise above circumstances that are typically less than optimum.  For me transcending is part of the transformative process.   While transformationmay be a more accurate description, this was written for a reason and therfore I honor Transcending.


Transcending the reality of my world

Stretching towards the reality of love


Losing grasp of my protective walls

Finding freedom of living

Striving to hide me within myself

Scared of the unknown.

Redefining parameters

Accepting that which is

Letting go of knowns

Freedom from bondage

Receiving healing grace,

Seeking to destroy the

Castles of my mind


The walls crumble down

Yearning for

Security of the womb

Anger against the

Entrapment of the  past

Recognizing the brokenness

Accepting new life

Opening to the caress of love.

(Mary Auda)

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