Transforming the Internal – Transforming the Effects of Abuse – Participating in Healing the World

Tonight I want to share this video with you as it really explores what I’ve been sharing about my journey.  We all have our journey to walk.  Our journey contains the experiences we need to receive the lessons and fulfill our life mission.    It is very important to not only us individually, but also to others who walk their journey with us whether we know them or not know them.  My journey is to clear out the effects of sexual abuse, rape, physical abuse, emotional abuse repeated over and over.  I am finding love and peace within and it is affecting those around me.  Our heart is the center of the universe from which love and peace flow and touch one another.  The divine flows through me.   I saw this video and it touched me and I want to share it with you.  The message is transforming our internal world – our core – for the external world to transform.   Regardless of the religious beliefs we carry, the spiritual message is the same – transformation inside heals us and the world.  My prayer has been to see where healing is needed within me and then help me to see how I can participate in the healing of the world.  Perhaps that is the connection with this video.

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