2011 Reflections

It is New Year’s Eve, 2011.  It is a day of reflection for me as I review the past year and prepare for the glory of 2012.  The year 2011 has been a year of awakening, transforming and healing from the effects of sexual abuse.   I’ve moved from victim to victor, from silence to speaking, from low self-worth to self-worth, from living in an illusion to living in reality.  I’ve moved from fear to faith and trust, from darkness to light, from pain to joy.  It is impossible for me to capture the experience of 2011 and I am grateful for the opportunities that were presented to me to open areas within that needed healing.  Those opportunities came in the form of teachers who had a role in the play of my life to bring out the dark places so light can shine.   What was intended to hurt me, truly was indeed a gift to open to my true self.  I thank those people in my life because on a deep spiritual level, they showed me love. 

As I end 2011, I release the barriers to living fully in my truth.  As I enter into 2012 I open to living more abundantly in the areas of transformation and open to further clearing.  I am excited about new opportunities for creation and career and publishing a book this year.  This year is a year of promise and open doors.

Happy New Year!  Blessings to all!

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