Stand in Your Truth – Love you – Be Faithful to You

 It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not. — Andre Gide

Often times we struggle to  be comfortable in our own skin.  We attempt to change who we are to be accepted in various situations.  For young people, they change to be accepted by their peers.  For adults, they change who they are to be what others want them to be whether it is a place of employment, spouse, or friends.   It happens to be accepted and to be loved.  The loyalty is to other people and not to ourselves.  It requires a lot of work to be somebody else – to meet their expectations of you.

Love  yourself.  There is only536774_445478665510246_410253563_n one you and no one else is like you.  You cannot be what others want you to be and be happy.  What happens to you  if that relationship ends whether it is a friendship, a marriage, and employment relationship?  You lose the very person or place that defined you.  If you stand in your own truth, you still have yourself regardless of what happens outside of you.  Be you.  Love you.  Trust you. You are beautiful just as you are!

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