About Mary

We all come into this world for a reason.  My reason – to understand the shattering of my soul, a brokenness beyond words, created in order to understand healing and reconnecting so that I could help others learn to fully live.   While my experience is rooted in abuse, the journey of change through transformation applies to all.

Having lived an entire lifetime with the effects of being intensely abused, I understand the feelings of worthlessness and no sense of self.  I know what the experience is of living in fear of everyone and everything and understand what it feels like to be triggered and experience PTSD.  With traditional therapy, hypnotherapy (I am a certified hypnotherapist) and the past two years of process (talk therapy with God), I now experience a fuller life that is more successful, abundant and more joyful.

Do you want to experience positive change in your life?  If so, let’s talk as I help people to change through transformation.

As individuals are awakening, there comes a period of change which is inevitable if they choose to stay awake.  What I do is help people through this change using various modalities depending on the leading I receive from Spirit and from you.  To come to a place of your soul’s expression, bring yourself in alignment with the Universe, and complete your life mission, it is important for your transformation to take place.  The caterpillar needs to move into the cocoon to transform, so the magnificence of the butterfly can appear and the process of transformation is complete.  If the caterpillar is unwilling to transform and the butterfly is fearful of leaving the cocoon, they miss out on their magnificence.

A caterpillar, during the larvae stage, changes its skin four to five times before it is ready to enter into the chrysalis.  The time in the chrysalis is the time of transformation.  It is the period within the cocoon apart from the external world, resting as it transforms into the butterfly.  There is the work phase (caterpillar eating and changing), the resting/transformative phase (the time in the chrysalis –the cocoon) and then the expressive new birth phase – the birth of magnificence at its full beauty as an adult and transformation is completion.  The butterfly will reproduce to start the cycle over again giving the opportunity for new life and a new opportunity for the transformational cycle thus paying it forward.

When we begin to awaken we are like the caterpillar.  We learn, we grow, and we change until we are ready for the full transformation and period of rest in our cocoon.  During this time, we enter into the transformation and incorporate all that we’ve learned and then we emerge in the fullness of our magnificence.  I like helping people, who are committed to transforming, through their process wherever they are in their journey.   I’ve combined life experience, education and my work as a trainer, leader and author to create Change through Transformation to help others walk their journey.

There are plenty of difficult obstacles in your path. Don’t allow yourself to become one of them. — Ralph Marston

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